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[Closed] Forum Challenge 10 - 15/3/2021

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Hey all, the forum challenges has been chosen. 

Please check the rules tab for any information not stated here. No ghost mode, no minimum bet, BET ID must be posted here so that they can be verified. First to post the correct bet for each game wins.


#1 - Win a bet with 110x on Plinko, with the sum of the last three digits in the bet ID equal to 7!

#2 - Win a bet with 5 scatters on Scarab Spin, with the last digit in the bet ID as an ODD number!


Good luck!

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Wasnt able to complete either but my closest 2 attempts were:


Plinko- casino:38483957378

Slot- casino:38491067502


Goodluck everybody else!

vinay6 liked
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My closest attempt


Plinko- casino:38528490245(adds up to 11)

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Challenges being harder and harder, closer i get was:

Slot: casino:38491667828

I keep trying little more but is difficult, all day and nothing

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casino:38487045897 my keno  i try all day but cant hit 5 scater