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[Closed] Rules and Prizes

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Welcome everyone!

Forum Challenges are being run TWICE DAILY between Monday and Friday - 10am GMT and 10pm GMT (Please take note of the timezones carefully)


    - One entry per household.

    - Any form of abuse/taking advantage will result in disqualification.

    - Ghost mode must be disabled from the moment you post an entry until the Challenge reward is paid out.

    - Bets must be made after the commencement of the challenge.

    - It is necessary to post bet IDs for the challenges, screenshots are optional.

    - You cannot win the same set of challenges twice! 


    - 🏆 Diamond - $50

    - 🏅 Platinum - $15

    - 🥇 Gold - $10

    - 🥈 Silver - $5

    - 🥉 Bronze - $4

    - 🔴 No rank - $2

Prizes are DOUBLED for ALL ACTIVE accounts under Syztmz. Active accounts will be determined by management. Rules are subject to changes when deemed necessary.

Good luck!

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