Welcome to syztmz

Your Favorite Online Gaming Streamer!

Syztmz provides you with 1000+ online casino games – some traditional with modern twists, and some completely new, innovative, and exotic. With irresistible weekly bonus promotions and attractive loyalty and VIP programs, we're sure you'll be sticking around for a while to come.

Welcome to syztmz

Your Favorite Online Gaming Streamer!

Syztmz provides you with 1000+ online casino games – some traditional with modern twists, and some completely new, innovative, and exotic. With irresistible weekly bonus promotions and attractive loyalty and VIP programs, we're sure you'll be sticking around for a while to come.
Who we are

Syztmz is Top Rated iGaming Hub that offers the best entertainment services in the online gambling industry.

The leading destination for all online casino players who are looking for a touch of class and elegance in their gaming environment.

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VIP Service

Stake VIP Offerings are laid out clearly and transparently from the point of joining. Each tier has wager requirements and bonuses are paid out at each level.

The levels are as follows:






Player progress to each level is updated in real time under the VIP tab in the account section of the site. Live support are available 24/7 and are happy to provide further details where required at any time. Weekly and Monthly bonuses increase with progression through the tiers. On top of this, players also receive rakeback on wagers which can be accessed at any time and multiple times per day.


Once the Platinum tier is reached (250k Wager) the Stake VIP experience really starts to come into a league of its own. A substantial bonus is added to the players account and they are assigned a personal VIP Manager who is dedicated to ensuring a great experience. Stake values their VIPs unlike any other Casino I have used before and will continually review bonuses depending on levels of play.

On top of the standard Weekly/Monthly bonuses and anytime Rakeback earned on all bets, Platinum members and above will receive an extra daily reload for 7 days based on their previous weeks play. This is a huge incentive - it gives you the opportunity to deposit for one week and then play with Stakes money the next!

Along with all of the above, once these VIP levels are attained, you will keep them for LIFE. Whether or not you log in for a long period of time is not a problem - you will ALWAYS keep this VIP level.

Compare to Other Casinos - This is where the websites are worlds apart. Roobet will only consider a player for VIP perks if you have lost a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY, normally in a very short timeframe. Many have been known to wager $700k+ with losses over $30k in only a few months without being considered for the program. The program at Roobet is enshrined in secrecy and they will do anything in their power to keep it that way and limit their VIP program to a very select few. Many human hours have been wasted on the Roobet customer support chat by myself and many others begging for VIP status or bonuses. It shouldn’t be this way and Stake are doing it right. When the predetermined tiers are hit, they will reach out themselves to congratulate you and simply ask which currency you would like to receive your bonus funds in! In this respect, Stake is leagues ahead of Roobet.

Return to Player (RTP)

This is also referred to as ‘house edge’. Stake offers an industry leading 96% RTP minimum on all slots and an unrivalled 99% RTP on ‘house games’ which are developed by Stake.

Compare to Other Casinos - Roobet recently came under scrutiny for having a lowly 94% RTP on most slots/games which is considerably lower than almost any casino on the web. After players had cottoned on to this, they have now moved to 95% which is still 1% below Stake. Over $500,000 player turnover this 1% could represent as much as $5,000 in funds returned to the player!

House games on Roobet do not compare to those on Stake. Compared to the 1% house edge on Stake, Roobets offerings run between 2.8% and 5% which is a huge difference.


These games are available not only to high rollers, but also to those with a smaller bank roll. On top of that, RACES are hosted every day where the highest wagering players are awarded a split of a 5k Prize Pool. VIP Bonuses are also offered for different events run each week through both Telegram and the Stake Forums.

Compare to Other Casinos - Roobet will on occasion give out 10c and 20c promo codes which are fairly meaningless to anyone. There are also sometimes competitions on certain slots from different providers - but really, the offering from them here is extremely limited.

Range of Games

Customer support are also open to player suggestions and have many times added slots requested by the playerbase. So if there happens to be a slot that you would like to see added, please let us know after joining!

Live Games - most casinos have only one provider (often EVOLUTION) as their live games provider for Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Crazy Time etc.

Stake offer THREE different live game providers to give their players a wider choice. Added to this, Stake has a 24/7 SPORTSBOOK with all the features you would find (Cashout, in-play betting etc.) at conventional online books.

Compare to Other Casinos - Roobet has a very similar range of slots to Stake so it is difficult to take sides here. On House Games however, the two sites are night and day. Roobet has an extremely limited house game selection consisting of only Dice, Mines and House Virtual Roulette whereas Stake has 15 House Games which includes Stake Originals Panchinko, Keno, Video Poker, Crash as well as others. Roobet offers only Evolution live games and has no Sportsbook.


Withdrawal / Deposit / Coins

Deposits are registered instantly but there is sometimes a short delay on BTC confirmations as with any other crypto casino. Stake however have a wide range of crypto currencies that can be deposited to the site - many of which are instantly available (XRP, EOS, LTC, Doge etc.)

Compare to Other Casinos - Roobet has instant deposits which you can play with, but will not let you withdraw funds unless they are confirmed (during periods where the Blockchain is congested, this can sometimes take upwards of an hour). This is good if you want to play instantly when depositing BTC alone, but the money will not be available in your external wallet any quicker than Stake. The delay on confirmations often mean that players will lose money before they are actually able to withdraw it. I can however vouch for Roobet being a safe site - I have not heard of any funds going missing etc. from them. Stake will never hold any amount of money for any reason. All withdrawals will be processed instantly. Roobet accepts deposits in only ETH and BTC whereas Stake has the ability to accept 8 DIFFERENT CURRENCIES.